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My alarm woke me up from a JoJo dream… ;-; I was an alternate retelling/setting for part 3 (they were trying to keep track of DIO but he was moving around, while collecting some little shiny balls of light -which might have been souls- into tattered TCG cards).

I may be in Japan, but it didn’t occur to me that Tokyo MX might ONLY broadcast in Tokyo..! ;^; *JoJo withdrawal*


And if you where to ask me
After all that we’ve been through
Still believe in magic
Oh yes I do
Oh yes I do
yes I do
Oh yes I do
Of course I do

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here’s a video of an armadillo playing if youve never seen that before


im really good, and funny



Aurora and Milky Way near Tromsø, Norway by Wayne Pinkston


[video] [h/t: sizvideos]


when ur notp is on ur dash




koujakus hand is so close. so very close. with one swift movement he could just rip those godforsaken yellow socks right off aobas feet and run. never to be seen again. please. please koujaku. koujaku im begging you. please.

he could rip off a lot more than socks.

oh MAN is koujaku going to go for the navy leg warmers too?


Teachers: Did you guys read over the summer?

Me: I did

Teachers: what books?

Me:*Remembers all the ereri smut,Hardcore, Yaoi fan fiction I read*

Me:I don’t remember sorry..